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Lifereef Trickle Filters (wet/dry), LF2 Series for Marine Fish Aquariums, Freshwater Aquariums, Planted Aquariums, Turtle Aquariums, Discus    Retail Prices

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LF2 200/240/300
Side-by-Side Tower Configuration
LF2 200/240/300
Split Tower Configuration
LF2 75/125/150

(Filter model numbers indicate the maximum size aquarium the filter can be used on.)

About Lifereef Trickle Filters
Lifereef Trickle Filter Features
View Drawing of an LF2-75/125, and 150 Trickle Filter
View Drawing of an LF2-200/240, and 300 Trickle Filter
Model Dimensions Bio-Ball Volume
LF2-75/125 24L x 14W x 22H single tower 6.5 gallons
LF2-150 30L x 14W x 22H single tower 8.8 gallons
LF2-200/240 36L x 14W x 22H dual towers 13 gallons
LF2-300 40L x 14W x 22H dual towers 15.5 gallons

About Lifereef Trickle Filters
You will find NO other trickle filter with all of these features.

The Lifereef trickle filter is unique from many others in that we utilize an engineered Slide-Out Drip Tray Drawer instead of the rotating spinner bars or flat drip plates. This engineered design allows high water flow rates, eliminates rotating spinner bar breakdown, eliminates flat drip plate warp and virtually NO SALT CREEP! This unique drawer design reduces salt creep and salt build-up thus maintaining stable salinity readings. Go into any aquarium store and look at how messy those other filters are, salt everywhere!

Another unique and versatile feature is the in-sump accessory shelf. This shelf can hold up to 3 Filter Cylinders or canisters and an array of electronic probes or electrodes. The filter cylinders can be used to hold filter media such as nitrate and phosphate removers, carbons, resins, poly discs, or anything that you want to put in them. And if you like to monitor your aquarium water parameters with probes the accessory shelf can accommodate up to four of these.

The Lifereef Trickle Filters were designed to eliminate or reduce two common problems that many other filters have; acrylic warp and salt creep. Warp occurs because the filter is not reinforced or because of thin acrylic being used for construction. We use 1/4" thick acrylic for sump and tower construction and 1/4" thick ABS for our sump covers, not thin vacuformed plastic. Salt creep occurrs because of excessive clearances (mass-produced filters allow this because tolerances are not that critical) or parts that fit too close. Lifereef Trickle Filters have been specially designed to prevent the salt problems. Go check out any filter in any store and see how much salt accumulates on the outside of the filter. Our filters require no external cleaning at all, unless of course you splash something on them!

The Lifereef trickle filters have been provided with bulkhead fittings for a main system pump, protein skimmer pump, protein skimmer return, reverse osmosis feed, calcium reactor hookup, mounting bracket for filter cylinders, probes/electrodes, and sump cover(s) and even the addition of a LifeReefugium. A Lifereef sump that is as versatile as your imagination!

FRESHWATER USE!!! The LF2 Trickle Filters are an excellent filter to use for freshwater too! Much better water quality compared to undergravel or any canister systems! Easier to maintain, faster to clean, better water quality! No special modifications are needed, the standard LF2 is ready to go for freshwater too!

Lifereef Trickle Filters LF2 Series Features          Retail Prices
You will find NO other filter with all of these features!!!

Any filter can be customized to fit your cabinet, usually for no additonal charge.