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This SCHEDULE is for SUMP BUILDS, WET/DRY BUILDS, AND CUSTOM SUMP BUILDS and CUSTOM PROJECTS THAT TAKE AS LONG AS A SUMP PROJECT. When there are no sump builds taking place other Lifereef products are being built: protein skimmers, calcium reactors, media reactors, and lots of special custom projects.

Thinking of a Lifereef System?
You do not have to know what filter system you want in order to be put on this schedule. All you need is a desire to have a Lifereef sump/filter project and you will be put on the schedule. Then in the coming weeks we will discuss your system based on your needs/requirements, tank size, cabinet space, etc. Get on the list now to avoid long waits.

UP FOR BUILD the week of January 15 noted via * below:

January 2018
*David Smith (TN) Custom Sump/Refugium for freshwater discus aquarium
*Ryan Stover (WA): CLF1 Compact Belrin System Sig Orange/Black, SVS2-24, LifeReefugium
*William Johnson (NC): Custom Berlin Sump, 2x Media Reactors

Todd Thurman (ND): Under discussion
Timothy Blackburn (PA): CLF1 Compact Berlin System, SVS2-24 venturi protein skimmer, 2x Media Reactors, Prefilter
Harold Nuckols (KY): Custom Wet/Dry for 575 gallon FW aquarium
Benjamin Doan (MD): CLF1 Compact Berlin System with 12" LifeReefugium
Keith Horazdovsky (IL): 12" LifeReefugium
Jared Vanore (PA): Sump Extension, 24" LifeReefugium
Shawn Lyons (CA): LF1-300S Berlin System, SVS3-30 skimmer, 2x Media Reactors, 20" LifeReefugium
Kirk Frey (NJ): LF1-300S Berlin System, VS3-48 Protein Skimmer, 24" LifeReefugium, 3x Media Reactors

Jamison Brosseau (NY): CLF2 Compact Berlin System, SVS2-24/Mag9.5 skimmer, LifeReefugium
Ryan Verno (UT): LRSM-250 Berlin System for the Red Sea 250
Doug Lawrence (CA): Berlin System with LifeReefugium for Red Sea Reefere 250
Renato Lezama (Caribbean/Trinidad): Under Discussion
Joseph Seitz (FL): LF1-300S Signature Series Red, 24" LifeReefugium, SVS3-24 protein skimmer

JS Bull: Large Custom Berlin Sump and VS3 Protein Skimmer