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Add a LifeReefugium to your sump, trickle filter, or Berlin System to reduce nitrates, promote the growth of copepods, algae, and other microorganisms beneficial to both corals and fish and overall water quality.

These can be installed on most any sump or filter, even INSIDE your current sump. The one pictured is connected to a Lifereef Berlin System. (The LifeReefugium is the unit on the left)

LifeReefugium Features

NOTE: The photo shows a LifeReefugium connected to a Lifereef LF1 System. The LF1 system components are not included in the prices below. The prices shown below are for a refugium only.

Standard Size LifeReefugiums:

Custom sizes available, call 303-978-0940 or email lifereef@lifereef.com for quote.

Refugium Lighting..... Due to the numerous options available I will provide you a website to select a lighting unit for the same price, or less if I can. If they do not offer what you want you can purchase lighting from your preferred source.

We do not have a "click to order" website. We still like to talk with our customers to make sure you get what you want. You can contact us via email, phone, or request a call by clicking on the contact below.

Call or email for a quick quote! Contact, 303-978-0940 or fax your dimensions to 303-973-2044.