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COLORADO Hobbyists please visit: Neptune's Tropical Fish neptunestropical.com , 1970 E County Line Rd., Unit A, Highlands Ranch, CO 80126    303-798-1776
NORWAY Hobbyists please visit: Reef Technology reeftech.no, Hovindvegen 27, Vormsund   Phone: 401 966 86

Jeff No one has been building Berlin Systems, Sumps, Wet/Drys and Protein Skimmers longer than Jeff Turcheck at Lifereef!
33 years of fantastic Lifereef products, superior design, experience, and great customer service!
No other company has been making Berlin Systems, Wet/Dry filters, reliable Protein Skimmers, Fail-Proof Prefilter Overflows, and numerous other reef filtration products as long as Lifereef.
The Lifereef products are designed to be as simple as possible yet provide all the necessary functionality. This reduces complexity, parts, maintenance requirements, and obsolescence. The more complex the product the more problems encountered and the more costly to repair/replace.
Since 1984 Jeff has been supplying beginners to experienced hobbyists with fantastic products and continues to put quality before quantity, truthfulness before shady advertising, tested designs and not marketing fads or gimmicks, and real expectations instead of unrealistic and misleading claims or promises.
Customer service is always an enjoyable part of the Lifereef experience both before and long after the sale.
Calls and emails are returned within 24 hours and often the same day.

Lifereef, for 32 years providing hobbyists with excellence!
Sad, but true....... and unfortunately, might be you......

Most of the orders I receive are from those that have tried putting together a sump from company A, a protein skimmer from company B, a pump as recommended by someone on a bulletin board, numerous trips to the hardware store to get more parts, fittings, hose/pipe, more fittings, more pipe, more hose, more time on the bulletin boards, etc. Once up and somewhat running they then spend weeks and months working out more problems such as turbulence, micro-bubbles, noise, too small of a sump, overflowing sumps, overflowing aquariums, refugium problems, then back to the bulletin boards for more "advice" from those wanting to help but cause even more problems.

Then when that frustrated hobbyist does further research and finds Lifereef, usually after numerous recommendations and testimonials from the bulletin boards, they give Lifereef a look, like what they see, enjoy what I have to say, and love what has been built for them.

From the day your boxes arrive with your very own Lifereef System (or any Lifereef product) you will love unpacking the system, admiring it, installing it (all parts are included), filling it with water for a "dry run" test just to satisfy your curiosity and wonder and amazement that something really works as advertised, adding salt, filling the LifeReefugium with sand and algae, maybe a fish or two, adjusting the protein skimmer, and sitting back in wonder that it all really works! No time wasted on bulletin board "advice", no more trips to the hardware store for odd parts, just pure satisfaction!

And if you happen to be a first-time Lifereef customer: Congratulations! You have just saved yourself $$$ and headaches and have joined an exclusive Lifereef community of happy and satisfied customers!

With Lifereef you will NEVER regret your purchase!

Why buy obsolete when you can have a Lifereef product for life, and be assured that we are not going to change it every year and leave you with a useless system or component......
Every year the competition discontinues their products. Sometimes products are changed for the better, other times the changes are made so that the manufacturer can go to MACNA or other trade shows with something "new" because no distributor wants to sell last years stuff. So no one can really keep a solid product line for more than a year and you now have a non-supported product or products with high replacement parts costs. Sumps, skimmers, pumps, media reactors, are all changed or discontinued, now you're stuck....

But at Lifereef the goal is to design and make products that serve their intended purpose, forever. No need to change out anything. Many of the Lifereef products are over 20 years "old" but continue to function better than todays "new" stuff. Lifereef products are the products hobbyists turn to when their other stuff fails, and want truly different designed products designed to function, not redesigned to sell to another years worth of unknowing hobbyists.
Buy a Lifereef System once, and you will be rewarded with a system for life, no need to upgrade. Buy a competing system and we'll look forward to you being a future Lifereef customer. More than 95 percent of Lifereef customers are those replacing their current sump/skimmer/refugium things.

Proven designs. Proven performance. No obsolescence.
Of course we make some minor changes every decade or so but we will provide parts and support for any discontinued products whenever possible.
Another happy Lifereef System reef hobbyist!

Before: A conglomeration of parts and quite a mess!

After: An Lifereef LF1-300S Berlin System with LifeReefugium and Media Reactors, nice, compact, a well engineered layout:

Which setup would you rather maintain? The easier your system is to maintain the more likely you are going to do it, and the healthier and happier your aquarium, corals, fish, inverts, and YOU! Three pumps: Main system/refugium pump, protien skimmer pump, and one pump to run all three media reactors.

One hobbyists theme for his SIgnature Series look! An LF1-300S Berlin System! Imagine opening your cabinet doors (or take them off!) and seeing this thing hit your eyes! Hobbyists are now getting into making their filter systems as attractive as their aquariums. At Lifereef our systems have fit this profile for over 20 years, looks, performance, longevity.

Valve handles and green squares (upper left) have been painted but the sump, skimmer, media reactors are all the Lifereef Signature Series. Lighting is an ultraviolet light (black light).

LifeReefugiums with the "halo" effect on the Signature Series systems. Now doing fluorescent blue, fluorescent green, fluorescent orange, fluorescent orange/grey to reflect the Neptune/Apex colors. You want some other color? If it's availalbe in acrylic you can have it!

Daily/Weekly Updates..... June 27
Now scheduling Sump/System builds for September: Sump/System SCHEDULE

For other Lifereef product availability check below :

Berlins, Wet/Dry, Custom Sumps: September

24" Protein Skimmers: a few IN STOCK
30" Protein skimmers: IN STOCK
36" Protein skimmers: IN STOCK
48", 60" and 72" Protein Skimmers: ONE IN STOCK
Prefilter for RSM aquariums: OUT OF STOCK
Prefilter, Nano: OUT OF STOCK
Prefilter, Standard: IN STOCK
Prefilters, Slimline: IN STOCK
Prefilters, Double: out of stock
Prefilters, Double Slim-Line: IN STOCK
Media Reactors: OUT OF STOCK
Bio-Reactors: a few in stock
Calcium Reactors: Built per order
Lifereef Berlin Systems and LifeReefugiums can be set up and plumbed for use with the Triton Method?
Bio-Pellet reactors and other nitrate reduction methods were never needed when venturi skimmers were all that were made. Needle-wheel skimmers are less efficient than a true venturi and other nitrate reduction methods are usually required.
We will never make a needle-wheel skimmer.

Reef Interests All-In-One BioPellets XL can be used in Lifereef Media Reactors/Canisters! No need for specialized fluidized reactors! Much simpler to manage and maintain!
Adding some COLOR combinations, just a few examples! Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Blue, Fluorescent Orange, White, and standard black, or any color available in acrylic!
Click on photo for HUGE photo!
Check out the new page Containers showing a sampling of ATO's, reservoirs, containers, dosers, etc. Only a few are shown from the hundreds done since photos were not taken of every one. I'll find more and post those and of course post new ones built. Have a container built to your needs, not a mass-produced box that may not be as large as you want, and the next size is too big....
Any needle-wheel protein skimmer will cost you money to keep it going, wheel replacements, pump replacements (provided the pump is still available), and lots of maintenance. A Lifereef protein skimmer cost you zero $ to maintain, except when the real water pump needs replaced and a real water pump can be purchased anywhere, anytime, any kind, last far longer than any needle-wheel pump. and practically zero maintenance except draining the cup!
Why make your hobby (reef-keeping) a chore and a bore. You didn't get into this hobby to play with the filtration components, did you?
The new "Signature Series" is a real hit with reefers! The Midnight Black and Fluorescent Lazer Green has been a fantastic color scheme for the Lifereef products!

Congratulations to Jerry Lunn (TX), who got the first "Signature Series" Lifereef Filter System!
Follow the project and comments at Reef2Reef
LF1-300S "Signature Series", "signature series" systems and products feature Lazer Green and Midnight Black acrylics.
Your corals fluoresce, now your filter system can too!
This color combo will be the "Lifereef Signature Series" as it is truly a different look for the Lifereef designs. Even the tops of the Media Reactors are green, and the top of the Protein Skimmer body! This thing looks more than fantastic when lit with a UV light or LED with blue spectrum.
Open your cabinet doors and let the show begin!!!!!!!


Custom work always welcome whether it be your sump design, custom prefilter, refugium, flange/gasket pairs, acrylic reservoir, etc.
For a quote Email your sketch to lifereef@lifereef.com