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All acrylic fabricated Lifereef products are warrantied for 10 years from invoice date to the original purchaser.

Coverage applies to the entegrity of the acrylic product, seams, glue bonds, etc. This does not apply to warping that is common with all acrylic products though our designs are such to minimize this. It also does not apply to minor crazing that can ocurr on some glue bonds and acrylics, and again is common with all acrylic products. Warratny does not cover pvc fittings which split usually indicating that the fitting has been over-tightened.

WARRANTY VOID IF RIGID PIPE IS CONNECTED DIRECTLY TO ANY LIFEREEF PRODUCT! Due to the undue stress that rigid pipe can place on bulkheads, pvc fittings, etc warrantys are void if rigid pvc pipe is connected directly to any Lifereef product pvc fitting or bulkhead. The suggested method is to use a short piece of flexible vinyl tubing when connecting to sumps, skimmers, prefilters, etc. Use all the pvc pipe you want to plumb your system but then use a short length of vinyl tubing to connect to the product.

Lifereef electronic products carry a 1 year warranty from the invoice date. These include CO2 gage solenoids.

We will repair or replace any Lifereef manufactured product at our discretion. Should a repair be needed the item will need to be shipped to the above address at your expense. We will return the repaired product at our expense. Should a replacement be required you will need to return the defective product at your expense to the above address, we will ship out a new item at our expense.

This warranty does not apply to pumps or any other product that we sell that is not a Lifereef product. These products carry their own warranty through the respective manufacturer.

Before returning any Lifereef product in question please call 303-978-0940 to discuss the problem so that we can determine if a repair or replacement is necessary. It will also help if you email a photo.