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NOTE: This page is not kept up to date. But it does reflect all the product categories which we build for. Go to Home page to see latest updates and news.

True systems that make sense, not non-sense! Become a Life-Reefer!

TURNKEY SYSTEMS: Sump, LifeReefugium, pump, protein skimmer and pump, main system pump, media reactors, calcium reactor, all hoses, clamps, fittings, even the Teflon tape!

Check the Home page for more information, specials, current comments or projects and product availability list.

Definition of a System: A system is a set of interacting or interdependent components forming an integrated whole.

Definition of a Conglomeration: A group or mixture of different things.

More than 90 percent of Lifereef customers fall into the latter definition and just have a mix of "things" that try to operate as a system only to give the hobbyist more frustration and headaches, not why you got into this hobby.

Save yourself lots of $$$ and go with a Lifereef System or product the first time. You will get fantastic products with years of proven design, proven performance, always positive feedback, and fast and courteous support if ever needed.

Lifereef does not follow current trends or fads. The Lifereef products are designed to eliminate many of the problems other products have after listening to hobbyists complaints with their other products as well as Jeffs 30+ years experience in design and fabrication. As one customer put it: "It will be Lifereef or no reef........"

Berlin Systems  Nano Sumps/Refugiums 
Berlin System Since 1994 when Lifereef first introduced the new
"Berlin System" concept, our design has remained
unchanged, a testament as to how well its design
was thought out. Logical, efficient, ease of access,
and can support the addition of other components
like a LifeReefugium, Calcium Reactors, probes, ATO, Media Reactors, and a Bio-Reactor. Truly a sump to handle all aspects of your marine hobby.
Select from the numerous systems already designed
or have one specifically designed to fit your space
Lifereef can do it!

RSM, Biocube, Elos, and many more! If the space is small a Lifereef nano sump will be designed to maximize the space as much as possible. Don't settle for a "three-chambered" junk box.
LifeReefugium II and
Compact LifeReefugium lll 
Wet/Dry Trickle Filters 
LifeReefugium IIUnique Design
Logical Layout
Clean Looks
Larger Display Refugium
Ease of access to everything
LF2 Trickle FilterWe came out with the first hobbyist offered wet/dry in 1984 and still make THE BEST WET/DRY available!

Most others are wet/dry/Berlin combo's which lack the true features of what either filter should be designed to do. Go with a true wet/dry, not an in-between hybrid.

Fantastic for fish only marine aquariums, mostly fish/reef aquariums, and for FRESHWATER aquariums!
Protein Skimmers Calcium Reactors 
VS3 Protein SkimmerThe longest protein skimmer in production without major change because it works!. NO OTHER SKIMMER CAN MATCH THE PERFORMANCE, BUILD QUALITY, AND THE LOW MAINTENANCE, VIRTUALLY A SET-AND-FORGET SKIMMER!
More efficient than needle-wheel, better than bubble-plates, better than cones, less parts to mess with (wait, that practically describes every skimmer offered today). And it's quiet too!

As one customer put it: "Awesome" It runs so good it almost boring LOL!"
This pretty much sums it up for all the Lifereef products, not just skimmers.
LCR Calcium Reactor About as clean and simple of a design you can get, and this
means more working time than fiddling time. The longest in production calcium reactor going, because it simply works.

SIMPLE, QUIET, EFFICIENT, and that's how it should be!

Can be used with or without a pH monitor but a pH controller
is not required as in other reactors. Our design runs more
stable, continuous, and reliable and does not need a "baby-sitter".
Prefilter Siphon Boxes
OVER 25 YEARS AGO! Need we say more?
Often copied but the changes they make will
guarantee a prefilter that is not safe and reliable as the Lifereef.
Is your entire system and property damage worth anything but a Lifereef?
Double Prefilter Siphon BoxDouble the size double the flow!
And customs can be made to fit wide rims
and water levels of any range.
Refugiums/LifeReefugiums  Filter Cylinders 
LifeReefugiumLarger than built-in refugiums.
Nice for display purposes.
Much larger viewing area.
Independent water flow control.
Can be added to any sump make.
Filter CylindersFilter CylindersCall them Media Reactors, Filter Canisters, Filter Cylinders, etc.
they hold media.
Ours are simpler to fill, simple to empty, no internal parts to clog or lose, and our Bio-Pellet Reactor
is just as efficient and simple to use!
And for non-Lifereef sumps an Accessory Rack can be made to fit your sump. All Lifereef sumps have the Accessory Rack as standard design where there is space. Nano sumps may not offer this feature.
Custom Sumps and Systems  Custom Work 
Custom SumpsDon't like a Lifereef design, shame on you!
So, if you have a sump or sump/refugium design that
you would like built, I can do it!
Have a sump or sump/refugium built to maximize your
cabinet space, don't settle for something smaller because it happens to fit.
Multi-Compartment Doser Reservoirs
Light Support Canopies
Sumps, Refugiums
Prefilters, Calcium Reactors, Protein Skimmers
Brackets to hold media reactors and probes

In Colorado please contact:

Neptune's Tropical Fish, 1970 E County Line Rd., Unit A, Highlands Ranch, CO 80126    303-798-1776

Lifereef products are not sold through any other website and are only available direct from Lifereef and the store listed above.